The cold never bothered me anyway.
26. Don't act my age.
Sleeping with a big stuffed moose named Sam.


The look on Jack’s face when Ianto tells everyone that Lisa was the last person he kissed.

When we all know it was Jack.



On being Renewed for the fifth season



Yes, that.

Great Inagua

Getting on your feet as a trans* young adult


Young adults these days are expected to start off falling behind in entering the world. Employment is limited, education is more expensive than ever before, and the struggle is much worse when opportunities are more limited due to discrimination. 

(Disclaimer: these links are almost exclusively for the United States. Feel free to add any additional information that you’ve found helpful. This is by no means a complete list, but it is what I have used and what I have access to. If it can help at least one person, I’ll be happy.)


Trans* friendly homeless shelters

Temporary space available

Colleges and universities with gender neutral housing (and here’s some more school related links)

If housing itself isn’t the problem, but instead what’s available in the house is, here’s where you can find free or discounted stuff like clothes


A quick guide for jobseekers 

Resume and cover letter help 

Trans* friendly job postings

HRC’s (yeah, I know they have problems with the trans* community, but bear with me) listing of businesses with the most trans* friendly policies
These will be the ones that ask for a preferred name on applications, have gender neutral employee bathrooms available, up to bigger picture trans* friendly healthcare and benefit plans

See what other people have to say about the company

Most job applications are online and can be completed at a local public library if your internet access is lost or limited


Point Foundation (opens for applications in November, rewards up to $100,000 and gives the student guidance and resources to succeed)

Markowski-Leach Scholarship ($1,500, only applies to San Francisco State University, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley or University of California, San Francisco)

PFLAG (opens for applications in February, rewards up to $5,000, only for high school seniors and/or those entering their first year of college. Can also apply to the scholarship for your region.)

Scholarship search

Scholarship search app for smartphones

And finally

For when your soul starts to hurt and your eyes get tired from working through applications, anxiously waiting for rejection or acceptance letters, etc.



Mental Health
Be comforted or comfort someone else 
Coping Skills 
List of Suicide Hotlines 
Recovering from self harm
Coping after a lapse
Overcoming Social Anxiety
Explanation of many mental illnesses 
How to help someone with mental illness
Support for those with eating disorders
Find chords
Guitar tuner
Ukulele tabs
Free radio
How to finger pick
Essential piano chords
Convert youtube to mp3
Music to help you write
Arts & Crafts 
How to make pixel art
Good reference for drawing water
Free digital sculpting tool
silk - interactive art
Painting tutorial
Female/male arms
Dragon head view tutorial
Drawing expressions
NGE colour palette 
100+ colour palletes
Avoiding same face
Face contours/highlighting 
Free art MyPaint
Body Anaomy
How to shift images using blur in PS
Colour palette 
SAI brush settings 
SAI/PS pixel brushes
Warm/Cool gray
Flower crown tutorial
Skin colour palette
Pink colour sheet
How to draw butts&thighs
The male torso
Drawing glowing stuff in SAI
Drawing horse/animal legs on humans
Drawing clouds
Muscular male with bow stock photos
Pastel colours
Drawing grass fields in SAI
All about the human body
20+ colour palettes 
Colour conversion
Creature design 
Colour meanings
Creating expression
Tutorial masterpost (100+)
How to colour
Pose studies
Feline comparisons
How to draw penis
Leaf pressing
100+ anatomy references 
How to draw folds
Sitting poses
Cloud painting
How to draw 3D rooms
Colour info
Colouring ref
Hair tutorial
Clothing ref
Bodies and poses
SAI brushes 5
Colour scheme designer
Folding ref
How to draw faces
Anatomy of mutant humans
What should I draw?
Free art software
Pastel colour reference
Mass art reference
baseball cap ref
Drawing human wings
Cool free art software
Colour blender
Photoshop for free 
The Five-Paragraph Essay
Using Punctuation Marks
Deadly Sins Checklist
Formatting Your Paper
Writing About Literature
Basic Essay
Revision Checklist
Planning and Organization
Editing and Proofreading
Latin Terms
Essay Structure
Tips on Introducing Quotes
Academic Writing Tips
Introductory Paragraphs
Writing an Introduction
Preparing to Write an Introduction
Introduction Strategies
The Introductory Paragraph
Writing Effective Introductions
In The Beginning
Introductions and Conclusions
The Introductory Paragraph
Writing Introductory Paragraphs
How to Write an Intro
Paragraph Development and Topic Sentences
Four Components of an Effective Body Paragraph
Writing Paragraphs
Paragraph Development
Body Paragraphs
Body Paragraphs
Strong Body Paragraphs
Body Paragraphs
Writing Body Paragraphs
How to Write Body Paragraphs
Writing the Body
Writing Body Paragraphs
Body Paragraphs
Body Paragraphs that Defend a Thesis
How to Write Body Paragraphs
The Perfect Paragraph
Topic Sentences
Writing Topic Sentences
Topic Sentences
Topic Sentences
The Topic Sentence
Paragraphs and Topic Sentences
The Topic Sentence
Topics, Main Ideas, and Topic Sentences
Writing a Good Topic Sentence
Good Topic Sentences
Writing Effective Conclusions
Introductions and Conclusions
Conclusion Paragraphs
Conclusion Strategies
Tips for a Strong Conclusion
The Concluding Paragraph
Ending the Essay
Types of Conclusions
Writing a Strong Conclusion
How to Write a Conclusion
Writing Conclusions
Guide to Conclusions
Argumentative Essays
Argumentative Essays
Persuasive or Argumentative Essays
Argumentative Essay
Argumentative Essays
How to Write a Good Argument
How to Write an Argumentative Essay
Writing Conclusions to Argumentative Essays
Argumentative Essay
Persuasive Essay Writing
Writing Concluding Paragraphs
Constructing the Argumentative Essay
Writing About Poetry
Writing About Poetry
Writing About Poetry Q & A
Poetry Explications
Writing About Poetry
Writing About Poems
Explicating a Poem
Writing About Poetry
Writing a Thesis Paper About a Poem
How to Start a Poetry Introduction
Poetry Essay Structure
Poetry Explication
Structure of a General Expository Essay
Expository Essay Examples
Sample Expository Essay
Expository Writing
Expository Essay Model
Elements of Expository Essays
Expository Writing Information
Expository Essays
Writing Expository Essays
How to Write an Expository Essay
Tips on Writing an Expository Essay
Expository Essays
Essay Map
Writing Expository Essays
How to Create a Strong Expository Essay
Expository Essay Writing
The Expository Essay
How to Write a Research Paper in Literature
Writing a Research Paper
The Research Paper
How to Write a Research Paper
Five Paragraph Research Paper
Sample Research Paper
Writing a Research Paper
Tips for a Research Paper
How to Write a Research Paper
Writing a Scientific Research Paper
Writing Research Papers
Research and Writing
Research Papers that Rock
Application Essay Tips
Application Essays
10 Tips
Application Essays
How to Write a College Application Essay
Tips for an Effective Essay
Do’s and Don’t’s
College Application Essay
How to Write a College Application Essay
Narrative and Descriptive
Narrative Essay Writing
The Personal Essay
Narrative Essays
Narrative Essays
Writing Narrative Essays
Narrative Essay
Writing a Narrative Essay
Tips on Writing a Narrative Essay
Study Tips 
Solve any math problem
How to effectively pull an all-nighter
Teaches everything
Bibliography maker
Didn’t listen in class?
Look for your worksheets on here
Finals survival guide
Free microsoft word alternative
Homework help
Learn geography
Make flash cards
Math problem solver
Masterpost of writing software
Online ruler
Stress Analyst
When to go to sleep/wake up
How to wake up in the morning
Learn how to study
Masterlist of study tips
How to cite
Take online college courses
How to multiply big numbers
Thousands of quick and easy snack recipes
Cheap & healthy snacks
Quick and easy soup recipes
Chocolate muffin in a mug tutorial
Study snacks
40 on-the-go breakfast recipes
Macaroni cheese / mac&cheese in a cup
Salad recipes
Harry potter recipes
Healthy recipes
Nutella hot chocolate
Cookie in a mug
Starbucks holiday drinks
French bread pizza
How to microwave more than one bowl at a time
How to make the perfect cup of tea
Healthy lunches
Tons of pies
Cookie dough you can eat
Shelf life of food
How to make different looking cookies
Website for lack of ingredients

That last one is my life



Mental Health


Arts & Crafts 


Study Tips 


That last one is my life


High School, Lunch

Panama City, FL, USA

(Note : I am a 18 year old female. Last night I was up late cooking my lunch for the first day of school. I made a pasta salad and a Pineapple Chicken Bake. During lunch, I heated up the chicken in one of the student microwaves and sat down next to my boyfriend. A new student came up to me and started talking)

Male Classmate: What do you have for lunch, sweetheart?

Me: Pasta salad and Pineapple Chicken Bake.

Male Classmate: You can cook?

Me: I know a few simple recipes.

Male Classmate : Good, since you know where your rightful place is you can start making my lunches.

(I stand up to protest, but before I can my boyfriend gets between us and punches the (Male Classmate) in the face)

Boyfriend: Women belong anywhere they want to be.They have as much right as men, you sexsist pig.

(When the new principal found out about this, she gave (Male Classmate) detention until Christmas. Detention at my school is sitting in the principal’s office during school hours then cleaning. He will be cleaning the girls bathroom and kitchen. )






 ”Shut up, John! I don’t want everyone knowing I’m still alive!”

Molly was the first one he visited. 

You can see the cut lip in the mirror, he visited John first.

It was day when he visited Molly. He stood on the roof of Bart’s during the day, before he saw john. I can’t see where John hit Sherlock

Just looked at the scene again (multiple times) and pulled up a screen cap….

No split lip. Daylight. 

Likewise, here is when he went and surprised Lestrade…

As we can see, he has the cut on his lip when seeing Lestrade, but not when he sees Molly. Also, time of day doesn’t add up. It’s night when he gets the split lip from John and when he sees Lestrade, but it’s daylight when he sees Molly. Ergo, he saw Molly first, then John, then Lestrade. As for whether he went to Baker Street first or not, I would assume not. I couldn’t get a clear shot of him when he surprised Mrs. Hudson that wasn’t all dark. But given time of day when he returns to Baker Street, it was night so the order in which he saw people after leaving Mycroft was Molly, John, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson. 

No, the cut on his lip is there when he sees Molly. It’s a mirror reflection, so it’s on the right instead of on the left. You can see it pretty clearly.




Hognose twins by Bryan Box






Hognose twins by Bryan Box